New Menu Items at On The Rocks

At On the Rocks we are always working with local produce and ingredients to create new menu items with a fresh twist! We are happy to introduce two delicious new menu items at On The Rocks! 

Asian Lettuce Cups-OnTheRocks

Asian Shrimp Lettuce Cups (left) – A take on the classic lettuce cup, our lettuce cups come with grilled glazed lacquered shrimp, cilantro, carrot, almonds, pea shoots, scallions, noodles.


A tasty twist to the ever popular manapua, a local Chinese inspired treat made with charsiu pork in a bread dumpling, our  Wanna Manapua Burger (right)* is made hapa (half/half) style with charsiu pork and Hawaii grass-fed beef, served in a baked bao bun, with Asian pickles.  If youʻre feeling really adventurous add an egg!!!

On top of that, weʻve also added two new delicious sides to our menu to choose from, Wasabi-Coconut Coleslaw and Quinoa.

We understand that change is sometimes hard, so don’t worry we haven’t gotten rid of any of our classics like the Kalua Pork Nachos or our Kona Fish Tacos!

Of course any of our menu items will go wonderful with a Huggo’s Famous Mai Tai!

Click here to see our full menu!

UPDATE – Jan 2017:*
We no longer serve the Wanna Manapua Burger 


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