Huggo’s Famous Mai Tai


One of our most popular drinks comes to us from our friends next door at Huggoʻs!

Huggoʻs Famous Mai Tais are famous because not only have they been around for a LONG time, they are also extremely delicious!

What makes our version different than the norm? According to Eric Von Platen Luder, owner of Huggoʻs and On the Rocks,


“I remember standardizing the recipe sometime in the early 80s! We got the idea of adding orange juice from a famous Kona bartender, whose name was Red, who by far concocted the most coveted Mai Tai on the Big Island at the time! “

The recipe for this delicious drink is quite fun and easy to describe, but the real fun is watching one of our amazing bartenders make one in front of your eyes!

See if youʻve got what it takes to make one of these famous drinks by trying our our recipe:

Huggoʻs Famous Mai Tai
1/2 oz of white rum
Mai Tai Mix – 1/2 inch from top
Float Dark Rum on top (about 1.5 oz.)
Served On the Rocks with 12″ straw
Garnish with a fresh pineapple wedge, lime wedge and umbrella!

For Mai Tai Mix (by the Gallon)
1.5 cans of Pineapple Juice
1 qt Orange Juice
12 ox Orgeat syrup
12 oz Orange Curacao

Be sure to try out all of our cocktails! Open for happy hour daily from 3 – 5PM!

See you On the Rocks!


  1. Posted on March 9, 2015 at 2:36 pm by Roy Sjoberg

    You make, by far, the world’s best Mai Tais. I should know because it is my favorite drink. One of your servers, Grace, almost drowned me in them on February 16, 2015. I survived, but my sister, Karen, was in lala land the entire night.

    Your restaurant is our favorite and we recommend it to everyone that asks us about what to do on the Big Island.

  2. Posted on April 26, 2017 at 7:54 am by Doris Wilson

    THANK YOU for the BEST Mai Tai I have ever had the pleasure of drinking.

    Look forward to my return to Kona to enjoy MORE in the future.

    PLEASE never change.


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