Saint Patrickʻs Day – Three Ways!


Weʻd like to invite you to On the Rocks for a three-day St. Patrickʻs Day smorgasbord, starting on Wednesday, March 15th and culminating on Friday, March 17th – Saint Patrickʻs Day!

Starting on Wednesday, March 15th weʻre going to be offering a Patʻs Day Burger –  with Corned Beef, Slaw, Swiss and Thousand Island dressing!

Thursday, March 16th is the day for our Lamb Sliders with Mint Jelly, Fried Leaks and Baby Spinach OR a twist on the classic “Eggs Mornay,” our Guinness Mornay Nachos with Bacon and Leeks!

Friday, March 17th is the BIG DAY – weʻll have Corned Beef and Steamed New Potatoes over Creamed Cabbage, Bacon and Sour Cream!

Be sure to come ready to have a few since weʻll have Guinness and Jamesonʻs on special!

See you at On the Rocks!



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