Easter 2018 in Kona

Join us as we celebrate Easter in Kona at On the Rocks and Huggoʻs! Weʻre serving specials all day alongside our regular menus and invite you to join us!

From Huggoʻs weʻll have Breakfast* and Dinner** with options like a Lobster Tot Skillet for breakfast and Roasted Rack of Lamb for dinner!

From On the Rocks, try our Lamb and Beef Gyros in a Pita!

A special Grasshopper Pie dessert will also be available at both locatinos!

See the FULL menu below and be sure to check out the full menus as weʻll serve those alongside the special menus as well!

Happy Easter!



*Special Breakfast Hours – 7am-1pm on Easter Day!

**On the Rocks does not take reservations!


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